Healthcare Services

ASI provides a broad range of social services designed to prevent, treat, and raise awareness about family violence. The services include advocacy for affected parties, emotional support for victims, in-home health services, supervision, education, new parent support and education, as well as caregiver support programs.

ASI is the largest single provider of OCONUS contract staff supporting the PACAF & USAFE Family Advocacy programs since 2014.  ASI is the prime on two contracts valued at $75M.

We cover various aspects of Family Maltreatment, including:

RN case management

Social Work & Counseling

Victim Advocacy

New Parent Support & Education

Domestic violence outreach

Medical Research

The advanced health care we enjoy today is built upon the tireless efforts of health experts, physicians, and professionals researching the causes of, and treatments for life-threatening diseases. However, there is still much work needed to be done in order to see profound changes in the approach to treatment.

We support medical research in order to improve the lives of Americans. Particularly supporting research on improving the quality, effectiveness, and timeliness of treating our military members.   Our on-site consulting support  staff not only participate in research and development, but also take the next step in terms of documentation and dissemination of research findings across multiple media outlets.   This takes the form of online training, publications, curriculum development.

We provide medical research in the areas, including but not limited to:

  • Flight surgery training
  • Educational Curriculum Development
  • E-learning solutions
  • Bio-medical research
  • Epidemiology
  • Neurology
  • Infectious disease research

Aviation Support   

ASI employs a host of Subject Matter Experts with decades of experience across the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Organization (ATO).  ASI works with the FAA to support the modernization of our nation’s air transportation system (NextGen).   ASI provides guidance and support on policy and procedures regarding air traffic management and control, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), as well as the research and analysis of new tools and technology.

ASI provides technical support in terms of the modernization of training curriculum and delivery as well as management and maintenance of online databases to improve collaboration and drive consistency and efficiency across disparate offices and locations.  Our personnel participate in international work groups and think tanks discussing policy and procedure.

Aviation Support Services Include:

  • Air Traffic Control Specialists
  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Training
  • Curriculum planning, development, and delivery
  • eLearning, gamification, simulation
  • Web Design & Application Development
  • Document Management, Editing, & Publication Services

Information Technology

ASI responds promptly with innovative solutions to unique challenges, allowing our customers to focus on what matters most to your organization’s success. We provide risk-managed, advanced information technology services allowing our customers the flexibility to scale staffing and quickly respond as issue arise.

Our experienced recruiters employ a rigorous candidate screening process that leverages our extensive experience and abilities. Our focus is to make streamline procedures, expedite growth with as many organizations look to stay ahead of the rapidly changing technology curve.

The areas we cover include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Web development
  • Oracle & Business intelligence development
  • Wireless internet services
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Program Management

Field Service Support – Maintenance   

ASI Solutions possesses over a decade of experience in providing highly specialized technical staff in support of both commercial and government customers.  We maintain a team of experts who provide installation preventative and routine maintenance of systems and equipment.   Our technicians adhere to strict service level agreements ensuring maximum performance, uptime, and efficiency for our customers.

Customer Service Support

ASI enables our customers to focus on core capabilities by providing exceptional customer experience for the end user.   ASI provides experienced personnel trained to respond and relate to customers in resolving issues in a calm and stress free manner. Our comprehensive industry experience has helped us develop best industry practices and effective staffing solutions.