Roberta Moore

Director Of Medical & Social Services
17 Years
Personal Experience

Roberta Moore’s core capability is and has been providing and managing delivery of physician and multidisciplinary personal and non-personal healthcare services. Roberta provides direction and leadership control of our medical and human service offerings as well as operational management of our US Air Force Family Advocacy, Prince George’s County Health Department, and National Institutes of Health operations.

Roberta brings with her the organizational skills, strategy development, and corporate executive experience that will confidently pave a path forward in strengthening our mission to continue our growth trajectory into becoming a premier Medical & Social Services provider in the Federal and Local marketplace.


Ms. Moore has more than 17 years of healthcare management and staffing experience to find the right psychiatrist for each patient.


Throughout her career, Ms. Moore’s target audience has been Military Treatment Facilities throughout the United States, providing them with staff from physicians to allied health professionals.

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