Joel Hicks

Program Manager, Aviation Services
20 Years
Personal Experience

Joel Hicks reports directly to the Senior Vice President and helps manage contracts, hiring, recruiting, business development and planning. He directly supports the FAA writing procedural change proposals, operational concepts and the preparation and conduct of international meetings.

Mr. Hicks co-founded Jasmah Consulting which provided professional management consulting services to the federal government. He consulted directly to the federal government optimizing airspace, human in the loop testing, operational concept designs, requirements and program management services. He is a graduate of Thomas Edison State University with a Bachelors in Aviation Science. Provider in the Federal and Local marketplace.


Mr. Hicks has 40+ years of experience in the Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration as manager, air traffic controller and in the private sector as an expert consultant and businessperson.


His expertise includes terminal, en route, oceanic and traffic management domains and he has extensive experience developing operational requirements and writing concepts of operation.

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